See what others have to say about Gertie's Brick Oven Cookery

Great food at a great price with an amazing atmosphere. There are a huge assortment of pizzas I've never even heard of and they're all pretty fantastic. The only issue is that diets go here to die. Even with that you can have the salad bar which is pretty good.

Daryl Royal

We love Gerties!!! We've been going for years and have always received amazing customer service which is always most important to me but the pizza and salad bar is always excellent as well and it's super affordable compared to other restaurants especially if you have a bigger family. It's a lot of fun to go and play in the arcade afterwards too! Fun for all ages and beer is amazing

Analycia Solano

Amazing. Service was outstanding. All the pizza's I tried were soooooo good. The really best part were the dessert pizza's! WOW. We will be back soon.

Marian Longenbohn

Gertie's was an excellent experience! Great prices for the food and the beverage even came with meal. Excellent variety of very delicious pizza that was always fresh. LOVE that they bring the fresh pizza out to the tables to see if you want some. You can request any pizza that you'd like to have made. They have an extensive list of toppings. The desert pizzas were outstanding also. Salad bar was provided and huge.
I've never seen such a great place for the price!

Sandy MacKain

Delicious pizza and they take requests. Love their Idaho Pizza and anything with their ranch sauce.

Benjamin Schmitt

Creative take on pizza in an all you can eat fashion a must if you're in town.

Anthony Mason

Love gerties, always! So many good choices between the pizza, pasta, and salad bar options. I've had some great pizzas, and some that were strange but fun (garbage pizza). I love how variable everything is here and how great the staff is!

Amory Wood

The place was great. We always go to a different dining experience when we visit Twin Falls. The desert pizzas were really scrumptious. Will be back.

Randy V

Top notch, if I could rate it a 6 I would give them the extra star. They bring the pizza to your table as the pizzas are being made to see if you wanna try it, lots of variety and amazing customer service. There are a few different pizza places if you Google them, but this is the one to try, well worth it!

Jesson Vasey

Great all you can eat pizza and salad!!! Pretty original combinations as well. I've been coming to Gertie's for years, little trivia fact it used to be located at the Twin Falls Airport, Gowen Field and went by the name The hanger

Springer's Cards & Collectibles

The service here has always been great. Wide variety of pizzas, from regular to dessert... Try the blueberry or Reese's! They take requests as well. Fun ambience, small game room for video games, quite a bit of available seating as well.

Tiffany Piltz

Awesome variety pizza dessert pizzas were amazing love the atmosphere great customer service they bring you whatever type of pizza you ask for...

John Lordling

It's really a fun place. The employees are over the top as far as customer service. Great value for the money. We all had a great time there

Chris Embree

Brought out our requested pizzas quickly, we didn't have to wait more than ten minutes for a pizza we wanted. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

Rachel Carpenter

Great food. Great people. Great price. My favorite restaraunt since I was a kid

Shawn Sharp